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Tour Himeji in Comfort by Sightseeing Taxi! 5 Recommended Routes

Tour Himeji in Comfort by Sightseeing Taxi! 5 Recommended Routes

5 Recommended Tours for the Best Sights in Himeji!

Himeji, a city in Hyogo Prefecture, is most famous for Himeji Castle, a recognized World Heritage site. There are also several things to see in the city, including breathtaking scenery, food spots, and museums.

Taking a taxi is a convenient way to travel around Himeji! This article introduces recommended routes for touring Himeji by taxi. There are five featured routes divided into three categories: a two-hour tour, two three-hour tours, and two five-hour tours.

Two-Hour Tour: Visit Himeji Castle Photo Spots

Route: Himeji Castle → Shirotopia Memorial Park → Himeji City Museum of Art → Shiromidai Park → Keifukuji Park → Otokoyama Haisuiike Park → Himeji City Museum of Literature → Himeji Station (Castle View)

This route is ideal for those who want to capture Himeji Castle in pictures from various angles. Admire Himeji Castle’s beautiful appearance from far and wide for two hours while traveling by taxi!

Spot 1: Otokoyama Haisuiike Park

Picture courtesy of Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

Otokoyama Haisuiike Park is located on a small hill northwest of Himeji Castle. This place has even been selected among the 10 Best Views of Himeji Castle.

Himeji Castle and its castle town are visible from a distance. At night, you can also enjoy the sublime illuminations of Himeji Castle.

Spot 2: Himeji City Museum of Literature

Picture courtesy of Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Himeji City Museum of Literature is famous for its architecture designed by world-renowned architect Tadao Ando. The literature museum features authors with ties to this area. Himeji Castle can also be seen from the roof terrace.

Bokeitei, a garden registered as a national tangible cultural property, is located within the grounds. Please feel free to tour the gorgeous wooden architecture that was formerly used as the imperial family residence.

Himeji City Museum of Literature

Spot 3: Himeji City Museum of Art

Picture courtesy of Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Himeji City Museum of Art is located near Himeji Castle. It was previously used as a military facility and city hall but was transformed into an art museum in 1983.

Visitors can admire the Western-style red brick architecture and the traditional Japanese architecture of Himeji Castle’s tenshukaku (castle keep). This intriguing combination of Western and Japanese architecture is a unique feature here.

Himeji City Museum of Art

Spot 4: Keifuku-ji Park

Picture courtesy of Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

Keifuku-ji Park, much like Otokoyama Haisuiike Park, has been selected as one of the 10 Best Views of Himeji Castle. It is situated on a small hill southwest of Himeji Castle and gives an extensive view of Himeji Castle in its entirety.

You can also capture the setting sun together with Himeji Castle during sunset!

Three-Hour Tour: Visit Okuharima Kakashi Village and a Sake Brewery

Route: Himeji Station → Okuharima Scarecrow Village → Shikagatsubo → Tsubosaka Sake Brewery → Himeji Station

This route is a tour around a mysterious place in Japan and an authentic, well-established sake brewery. If you’re someone who loves sightseeing spots that are unconventional or enjoy Japanese sake, then this three-hour tour is satisfaction guaranteed! You can experience simple-hearted human kindness that differs from the city.

Spot 1: Okuharima Scarecrow Village

Picture courtesy of Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

Okuharima Scarecrow Village is accessible in 50 minutes by car from central Himeji. Human-like scarecrows are placed throughout the village, creating a sight ranked as one of the Top 100 Unusual Views of Himeji.

All 155 scarecrows in the village are made by Masato Okaue, an artist who specializes in creating scarecrows. Each scarecrow has animated expressions and movements that convey the rural landscape of old Japan.

Inner Harima Scarecrow Village

Spot 2: Tsubosaka Sake Brewery

Picture courtesy of Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

Tsubosaka Sake Brewery, located about 30 minutes by car from Okuharima Scarecrow Village, is a sake brewery with a history spanning over 400 years since the Edo period (1603 – 1868). The brewery was originally located in Kodera, Himeji but relocated to Yumesaki, Himeji in 1805 in search of a better water source.

Tsubosaka Sake Brewery has stood firm with its traditional methods of natural fermentation and has won numerous awards. You can not only sample drinks here, but also tour the brewery and gain knowledge related to sake.

Three-Hour Tour: Visit Himeji’s Night View Spots

Route: Hotel in Himeji → Mt. Hiromine → Otokoyama Reservoir → Coastal Area (Aboshi) → Hotel in Himeji

A must-visit for couples! This tour is centered around romantic night spots. After visiting famous spots in the city in the afternoon, how about taking a sightseeing taxi and enjoying a special night in Himeji?

Spot 1: Coastal Area (Aboshi)

Picture courtesy of Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

Aboshi Nagisa Park, located in the coastal area of Himeji, is where you can see the industrial night view. Factory night views have lately become popular as sightseeing spots across Japan with Himeji’s coastal area being one such spot.

Spot 2: Mt. Hiromine

When it comes to night view spots in Himeji, most people think of Mt. Hiromine. It is located about a 25-minute distance by car from the city.

Enjoy the gorgeous night view from Mt. Hiromine. After strolling around Hiromine Shrine in the afternoon, we recommend enjoying the scenery of the town from the summit as night falls.

Five-Hour Tour: Take a Relaxing Trip in North Himeji

Route: Himeji Station → Kodera Herb Garden → Japan Toy Museum → Himeji Central Park → Himeji Station

This five-hour tour is most suitable for family trips with small children. It includes activities such as visiting a museum featured in the “Michelin Green Guide” to learn about toys and relax at a herb garden.

Spot 1: Kodera Herb Garden

Picture courtesy of Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Kodera Herb Garden is a place herb enthusiasts absolutely cannot skip. Here, herbs are cultivated in their most natural state without the use of any chemicals or herbicides.

Delicious bread and pastries made with herbs, original soaps and shampoos, and essential oils are some of the items sold at Kodera Herb Garden. The smell of these amazing herbs may even cause your everyday stress to disappear.

Kodera Herb Garden

Spot 2: Japan Toy Museum

Picture courtesy of Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Japan Toy Museum earned two stars in the Michelin Green Guide. A collection of toys, dolls, and more from 160 countries, including both modern and traditional toys from Japan, are exhibited inside six traditional white warehouses.

Special exhibits are held every year on various themes. Visitors of all ages can immerse themselves in the fun world of toys.

Japan Toy Museum

Spot 3: Himeji Central Park

Picture courtesy of Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

Himeji Central Park, an annex to a zoo and amusement park, is the perfect spot for a family trip with small children.

The Drive Through Safari is a compelling experience that can be enjoyed while remaining seated in a car or exclusive safari bus. You can see animals that live in the enclosure up close through the windows!

If you opt for the Walking Safari, you can interact with animals while freely walking along the course. You will without a doubt be healed by these adorable animals.

Himeji Central Park

Five-Hour Tour: Sake Brewery Crawl

Route: Himeji Station → Tatsuriki Honda Shoten → Nadagiku Sake Brewery → Tsubosaka Sake Brewery → Shimomura Shuzoten → Himeji Station

Hyogo Prefecture is the largest production area for Yamada Nishiki, otherwise known as the king of sake rice. Many amazing and delicious sake brands are produced using high-quality sake rice and water at the sake breweries in Himeji, a city in Hyogo Prefecture, and are a must to visit for sake enthusiasts!

Spot 1: Nadagiku Sake Brewery

Picture courtesy of Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

Nadagiku Sake Brewery offers delicious sake and Japanese dishes in an old sake brewery converted into a retro restaurant.

The restaurant’s clay walls and pillars from its time as a brewery were preserved as is; its interior is a space where you can enjoy a meal while experiencing the sake brewery’s history. After your meal, you can tour the brewery which we recommend you do if you’re interested in sake.

Spot 2: Shimomura Shuzoten

Picture courtesy of Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

Shimomura Shuzoten is a manufacturer in the fields of Okuharima, located in northwest Himeji, that continues to make sake the old-fashioned way using only rice, koji (malted rice), and water. The fine sake made by the hands of Kuro Shimomura, chief brewer and third-generation owner, is especially popular with sake fans across the country.

Explore Himeji Conveniently by Sightseeing Taxi

You may often find yourself taking the train or bus when sightseeing in Japan. However, we recommend a sightseeing taxi for efficient travel around sightseeing destinations you want to visit within a limited time frame. Not only can you be flexible in adjusting your schedule, but your driver will tell you information about the area and make your trip even more enjoyable.

Please forward any questions you may have on information and reservations regarding sightseeing taxis in Himeji to the Himeji City Information Center (Japanese).


*The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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