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Photo Library Usage Agreement

This Photo Library offers a collection of photos of various sightseeing spots in Himeji City. Travel agencies and tourism-related businesses can download and use these images free of charge. By using the image data, you agree to all of the following Usage Agreement.

Usage Agreement


The images published on this site are in jpeg format. Please note that the Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau (hereafter referred to as "the Bureau") will not be held responsible for any issue that may occur as a result of downloading these images.


Usage of the Photo Library does not transfer any copyright or other intellectual property rights to the images on this site to the user, and all such rights are retained by the Bureau. No permission is required from the bureau to use the Photo Library, but this does not mean that the Bureau waives its rights to the images.

About downloads

Users must submit their country name, name, and contact information (email address) in order to download images from the Photo Library.

To use photos

Images published on this site may be used for the purpose of promoting sightseeing spots listed on the Visit Himeji website, and may be used as is or modified. No credit to the Bureau or this site is required when using the images.

Forbidden Actions

・You may not use the images published on this site to produce or sell products whose basis is rooted in the images themselves (e.g., digital data collections, calendars, postcards, photo books, etc.). The same applies even if the image has been partially processed, and the sale of the resulting image in a form that allows secondary use by others is prohibited.

・The use of images published on this site for rental purposes, as well as the copying, selling, or transferring of published images (including images available for download) to third parties, is prohibited.

・The use of images published on this site for fraudulent, misleading, or defamatory purposes, or to offend public order and morals is prohibited.

・The Bureau reserves the right to suspend the use of any image that violates any of these provisions or is used in a manner inconsistent with the purpose for which the image was created.


If any dispute arises in connection with this Usage Agreement, it will be dealt with according to the law of the Japanese court with jurisdiction over the location of the Bureau's office.

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