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Himeji was once the center of Harima Province, which now forms the Western part of present-day Hyogo Prefecture. It's most known for the history of Himeji Castle, and the samurai who rebuilt it throughout the ages, but Himeji's other historical locations, including magnificent ancient shrines and temples, are not to be overlooked. The grandest of these, perhaps, is Shoshazan Engyo-ji Temple, a more than 1000 year-old complex of Buddhist temples that featured in the film The Last Samurai. But there are many other storied temples and shrines to explore in Himeji, some with ancient histories and connections to castle lords and princesses.

Architecture fans will be excited to find an 18th century school and a 17th century home that once belonged to a village official in Himeji. With a peek inside, you can get a sense of how some people lived here hundred of years ago.

There are also locations where you can learn about more recent events in Himeji's history, including its bombing during WWII, and the opening of a monorail—which you can still see on display—in a rebuilt and newly modernized Himeji