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Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy for the Visit Himeji Website.

The Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau (hereinafter referred to as "the Bureau") considers the protection of your privacy to be of the utmost importance. We've put together the information on this page to help you understand how we collect, use, and protect the personal information of visitors to our bureau's website.

Personal information provided by users

In order to provide users with better service, the Bureau collects personal information from users such as their name, address, phone number, and email address on certain pages like our contact form, which is provided by users.

What we use personal information for

The purpose for which any personal information will be used is described on each page on which you may be asked to provide it. The Bureau will not use your personal information for any purpose other than that described on that page.

Providing information to third parties & secondary usage

Depending on the type of service requested by users of this website, there may be cases in which the user's personal information will be provided to a third party, to the extent that it is necessary. (For example, a name and address for the purpose of mailing requested materials) In such cases, the Bureau will inform you about such information being provided to a third party when you apply for the respective service, and obtain your consent. However, we may disclose your personal information without your permission when it is necessary to do so in an emergency to protect human life or human rights, or when cooperating with requests made by judicial institutions, police, or other public agencies in order to comply with other laws and regulations.

About tools for analyzing site access

This website uses Google Analytics to improve our services.
Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information about users, and the collection of user information is conducted in accordance with Google's privacy policy.
Please refer to the Google Analytics website for an explanation of the terms of use and privacy policy for Google Analytics.
The Bureau will not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of Google Analytics services.

About our handling of personal information

The Bureau carefully manages the personal information provided by visitors to this website to ensure it is neither lost or damaged. In addition, personal information is stored in an environment that can only be accessed by the Bureau's website administrator, and strict security measures are taken to prevent the information from being leaked to third parties or altered by outside parties. In the event that this bureau outsources operations related to the operation of this website or the use or management of your personal information, it will strictly supervise and manage the handling of personal information by the outsourced company.

About user responsibility

This website may contain links to other websites. Please refer to other websites for their respective policies on the use of personal information. Users agree to use this website at their own risk. The Bureau assumes no responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of information obtained from this website or other websites linked to this website using your personal information. This bureau may review and revise the above policy from time to time. All revisions will be posted on this page.

About requests to release, correct, suspend use of, or delete information

The Bureau will promptly respond to requests made by users to release, correct, suspend use of, or delete their own personal information, in accordance with the law.

Cookie Policy

This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file containing a small amount of information that is sent to your web browser when you visit a website. Cookies are stored on your computer (or other Internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet) and can be used to track your behavior and preferences (login, language, other preferences, etc.) over a period of time on a website you visit, and to return to a site or navigate from one page to another. This makes it so that the user doesn't have to re-enter this information when returning to the site or navigating from one page to another.
Cookies typically contain the name of the website from which the cookie was generated, the lifetime of the cookie (i.e., how long it is stored on the device), and a value (usually a randomly generated unique number).
There are two types of cookies: "permanent" (in which the cookie remains on the device even if the user goes offline) and "session" (in which the cookie is deleted when the browser is closed) cookies.

How this site uses cookies

We use cookies to track and understand how users interact with the web site, to analyze site performance, and to make future improvements. We may also use cookies to deliver relevant advertising. Cookies cannot reveal a user's name, e-mail address, or any information about the user's computer.

About third party cookies

The Bureau uses cookies that provide information to partners like Google in order to analyze the data. Parter organizations may use this information in combination with other information that users have provided directly to each organization on their respective platforms. For example, we use Google Analytics to analyze anonymous aggregate data statistics about traffic to the site. Using this data, we can better understand things like the pages most viewed by visitors, which helps us optimize the website and provide more relevant content to visitors in the future.

The cookies we use

Performance cookies: Google Analytics compiles anonymous statistical information about a user's interaction with the site.
Other cookies: YouTube uses cookies to play videos embedded on our website; Google uses cookies in its Maps service to identify a user's geographic location.

Managing user cookies

Users of this website have the right to withdraw their consent to the use of cookies as described above at any time. If you disable cookies on your browser, you may not be able to use all of the features available on this website. Disabling cookies does not delete existing cookies stored in your browser. To delete them, please refer to your browser's settings and help pages.

About Google Analytics, etc. cookies

For more information, please refer to the information on the following third party sites.

1. Google Analytics
Security and privacy in Universal Analyticsopen in another tab
Google Analytics opt-out browser add-onopen in another tab

2. About YouTube and Google Maps and other similar ways of using cookies:
Types of cookies used by Googleopen in another tab
How Google uses your personal informationopen in another tab

For inquiries about our privacy policy

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Tel: +81-79-222-2285
Email: info@himeji-kankojp