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NatureFamilyHimeji Ise Nature Park & Environmental Study Center

The Himeji Ise Nature Park & Environmental Study Center works to preserve the local environment, and offers a place to learn about it with nature-based activities, designed to be enjoy by all ages. At the center, visitors will find preserved a variety of different habitats, like the Rice Paddy Biotope, maintained in order to protect environments needed by cratures you may not see very often anymore: Japanese rice fish (medaka), loaches, water bugs, and more.

Basic Information

  • Toilet Available

    Toilet Available

  • Restaurant On-site

    Restaurant On-site

  • Parking Available

    Parking Available

  • Shop Available

    Shop Available

  • Coin locker available

    Coin locker available

  • WiFi available

    WiFi available

  • Accepts credit cards

    Accepts credit cards

Car: Turn left at the east intersection of the Himeji-Nishi Interchange on the Sanyo Expressway. Go diagonally north at the Shimoise Intersection on Route 29, and then travel straight for about 6 km.
Available (space for 15 regular cars and 3 buses, free)
Business Hours
10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Mondays (if Monday is a holiday, the park is closed on the following weekday), and New Year holidays (December 28th - January 3rd)
Ōzutsumi-615 Hayashidachō, Himeji, Hyogo 679-4231
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