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HistorySuhama Shrine

The West Pond ("Nishi-ike," or the Duck Pond, "Kamo-ike") built in 1617 by Masanaga Takebe, the founder of the Hayashida Domain (part of present-day Hyogo Prefecture), together with a waterway as a measure against drought, is counted amongst "Eight Scenic Views" in the former Hayashida area.
When the West Pond was built, a small island in a traditional suhama (sandbar) shape was created in the middle of the pond, and there, in Suhama Shrine, it is said the deity Ichikishimahime was enshrined.
On the pond's south side, the West Pond Monument still stands, offering a description of the pond's construction. It is also said that the Hayashida Domain's third lord Masanoki built his Western Villa (Hakkotei) here looking out across the pond.
Aside from visiting the shrine to pray, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful scenery here that changes with the season and the hour of the day.

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Bus: From Himeji Station, take the Shinki Bus bound for Yamazaki via Hayashida, get off at "Hayashida" bus stop, and walk west for about 20 minutes.
Car: Approx. 30 minutes from Himeji Station
Nakagamae-344 Hayashidachō, Himeji, Hyogo 679-4204