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Hyogo Amazing Pass

Hyogo Amazing Pass


With this ticket, ride all day on the Shinki Bus (Orange Bus) within Hyogo prefecture; the Kobe City Loop/Port Loop; and the Sannomiya to Sanda Premium Outlet line for just ¥1,000. Make the most of it!
(Article on Hyogo Amazing Pass model courses)

■Useage: 1 Day Ticket (from 00:00 to 24:00)

■Price: Adults ¥1,000, chldren ¥500

■Use on these bus lines:
Scheduled buses on Shinki buses (Orange Bus) all over Hyogo prefecture
Kobe City Loop buses and Port Loop buses
Express bus (Sanda – Osaka line only)

■Not for use on these lines:
Express bus
Himeji Loop bus
Community bus (Akashi: Taco bus; Kakogawa: Kako bus; Takasago: Joton bus; Ono: Ranran bus; Tamba-Sasayama: Heartrun; Nishiwaki: Orihime bus Shibazakura; Takacho: Community bus; Asago: Ako bus; Tatsuno: Akatonbo; Shisō: Shiitan bus; Kamigori-cho: Tekuteku bus, Ainori, Teijuro)

■Purchase and Use
(1) Click the RESERVE/PURCHASE button below.
(2) Select the number of people and input your credit card details.
* If you buy a ticket for multiple people, everyone must use it together. Please buy more than one ticket if, for example, there are two of you and you might travel separately at some point.
(3) Before boarding the bus, select the ticket you wish to use with the Purchase Status button.
(4) Press the SHOW TICKET button and slide the Slide To Activate button.
* Be sure to slide the button immediately before boarding the bus. No refund can be given if you mistakenly activate the ticket immediately after purchasing it.
(5) Disembark from the forward door. Please show your mobile ticket to the crew member when disembarking.

■Ticket Cancellation
A system usage fee of 15% will be charged if you cancel the ticket after purchasing it.

■Change in Use Date
The date on which the ticket is activated on MyPage is the date on which it is to be used.
(The use date can be changed if it is within one month of the date selected at the time of purchase)
There is no charge fo changing use date.


Shinki Bus Co., Ltd
1 Nishiekimae-cho, Himeji, Hyogo 670-0913
+81 (79) 2231344

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