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NatureNagoyama Stupa

This modern cemetary park is located on a hillside about 1 km northwest of National Treasure, Himeji Castle.
The park is known for its iconic 38-meter domed stupa.
With its six stupas in a row and the various halls attached to them, Nagoyama Memorial Park evokes an exotic atmosphere.
Inside the stupa is a reliquary hall that houses ashes of the Buddha, a gift from Indian Prime Minister Nehru as a gesture to wish for wish for eternal peace and happiness for mankind. Visitors can also find a statue of a Buddha triad, and standing statues of the ten disciples of the Buddha, which create an atmosphere of purity and solemnity.
In the garden outside, the lush greenery is ideal for strolling.
In early April, the cherry blossoms are at their peak, and azaleas cover the hillside in red, pink, and white in mid-April.
The view from the observation deck is particularly wonderful and well worth seeing.
For inquiries by e-mail: info@nagoyama.jp

[Activity] Tour inside the stupa
[Time required] 30 minutes
[Number of participants] 80

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Bus: Take Shinki Bus to "Kurumazaki" bus stop or "Nagoyamakitaguchi" bus stop. Approx. 15 minute walk.
Car: Approximately 3 km north of the Nakachi Ramp on the Himeji Bypass
Space for 30 cars (Free)
Business Hours
8:40 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Stupia-Viewing Fee: Adults (13 years old and over): 210 yen, Children (5 years old and over, under 13): 100 yen
*A group discount for groups of 30 people or more is available.
*Free for the disabled and their caregivers upon presentation of a disability certificate.
December 29th - 31st
14-1 Nagoyamachō, Himeji, Hyogo 670-0051
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