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Himeji FoodsHeart of Harima Sweets Houkitsu, Imajuku Shop

Located approximately 2 km west of the World Heritage Site Himeji Castle, this store faces the north-south main road extending north from National Route 2. The store, which is easy to enter and has a parking lot with nine spaces, offers a lineup of famous sweets from Harima, including the famous Karinto Manju.
The baumkuchen "Taka-no-Shinboku" ("Sacred Tree of the Hawk"), named after the central pillar of Himeji Castle, and "Josui Mochi," named after Kuroda Josui, a military strategist from Himeji, are famous Himeji sweets made with a chunky dough filled with sweet bean paste flavored with Japanese sugar. The store carries a variety of sweets connected to Himeji: specialty sweets like "Ayumi," a baked bun that has been popular for its simple flavor since it was first introduced; "Harima Almond Butter Rusk," a rusk made from almond butter toast that has been loved by the people of Himeji since around 1975; "Kanbei," a rusk made from brown sugar, brown sesame, and Harima miso paste in memory of the military strategist Kanpei Kuroda's intelligence and courage.
The store has a bright and spacious interior with an eat-in corner where you can enjoy a cup of tea.
Houkitsu brings customers the "heart of Harima" by putting Himeji's treasures - its rich history, culture, and other blessings - into its sweets.

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Available for 9 cars
Business Hours
9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
January 1st
Barrier-Free Information
No steps at entrance
2-236-1 Kitaimajuku, Himeji, Hyogo 670-0057
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