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Himeji FoodsHeart of Harima Sweets Houkitsu, Houkitsu Hon-ten Shop

Located in southeastern Himeji City's Shirahama-cho neighborhood, which is famous for the Nada-no-Kenka Festival, this store is Heart of Harima Sweets, Houkitsu's founding location.
The store offers direct sales from Houkitsu's head office and factory, and its many famous Harima area sweets line the shop windows.

A Variety of Famous Sweets
[Karinto Manju]
This is Houkitsu's most popular product. The crispy and savory Karinto Manju, which is fried at the factory every morning, is made with special brown sugar imported from Tokuno Island, Amami, and deep-fried in rice oil.

[Chikushi Mochi]
A sweet named after Kuroda Josui (also known as Kuroda Kanbei), a historical military commander from Himeji. This famous Himeji confectionary is made by baking a springy dough filled with sweet bean paste flavored with Japanese sugar.

This famous and auspicious monaka sweet has four delights. Filled with a bean paste made with large sweet red beans from Hokkaido, the savory outer monaka wafer is made with Hiyoku rice from Saga Prefecture, making for an authentic flavor.

Houkitsu also offers a variety of seasonal sweets.
The store interior is brightly lit, decorated with seasonal displays, exhibited so that customers can pick and look at the sweets. Houkitsu hopes to help bring happiness to the community by working together with customers through our sweets.

Basic Information

  • Toilet Available

    Toilet Available

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    Restaurant On-site

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    Shop Available

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    Accepts credit cards

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Train: Approx. 12 min. walk from Shirahamanomiya Station on the Sanyo Electric Railway
Car: Approximately 20 minutes south of JR Himeji Station
Available for 20 cars
Business Hours
9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
January 1st
792-18 Shirahamacho Kabuto, Himeji, Hyogo 672-8023
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